Lavender was one of the dogs transported to the Potter League for Animals.

Memorial Funeral Home Sponsors Potter League Pet Transport

Funeral Director Courtney Sullivan getting some snuggles from Lavender.

On the evening of June 2nd, 2021, five dogs and four kittens arrived at the Potter League for Animals after a long journey from El Paso, Texas. These animals were picked up at Morristown Airport in New Jersey, and then transported by van to 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown, Rhode Island.

More than 350 animals were transported across the country, in a group effort organized by BISSELL Pet Foundation, Animal Rescue Corps, University of Florida’s Maddie Shelter Medicine Program, City of El Paso Animal Services and more. This is claimed to be the largest transport effort in BISSELL Pet Foundation history, and one of the largest medical evaluation, testing and transport events in history.

A total of 84 animals arrived in the New England area.

“There was a serious crisis for animals in Texas, and we are so thankful to Memorial Funeral Home for making it possible for us to help by finding animals new homes in Rhode Island.” Said Chief Executive Officer at Potter League.

“We’ve been long time supporters of the Potter League. Our furry family are especially important when we go through times of change, loss, or grief. By helping the Potter League, we are supporting the bonds of family.” Said Kurt Edenbach, co-owner of Memorial Funeral Home and funeral director.

The animals immediately entered a two-week quarantine period. Canine Distemper is prevalent in Texas, so the animals needed to be closely monitored, while anyone attending to them needed to wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Potter League’s Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Kara Montalbano said that the animals did okay during the quarantine period, although Kirby, a husky pup, was a little restless during the quarantine period.

“They ate all their meals out of puzzle toys which helped with mental stimulation,” she said. “The staff was able to spend time with them while they were cleaning and in their rooms (full PPE) and they loved the attention.” She continued.

Ironically, when the staff took Kirby out for the first time, they thought he was going to be bursting with excitement, but he was actually pretty fearful of everything. According to Montalbano, they will need to go slow with him and build up his confidence. 

Potter League’s quarantine period is normally 5 days, however, the Potter League proceeded with 2 weeks because although, they tested negative to distemper, there were positive cases in Texas, so they had to be extra cautious. And it paid off. Everyone has tested negative and has been cleared.

However, these animals are not quite ready to find their forever home; Three animals still need to be neutered and Boyd, one of the dogs, still has a lot of skin issues. “We’ll most likely be moving him to a foster home for some time to help with medicated baths, etc.,” said Montalbano.

So when will they be ready to find new homes? ” Honestly, we got so many calls about them already,” Montalbano said. “I don’t think they’ll be here once they are made available. I believe once the 3 guys are neutered they’ll be ready the soonest.” She continued. Kirby, the husky, may need a little more time from a behavior standpoint, but anyone interested can give The Potter League a call or fill out an adoption questionnaire through the website.

For more information on the Potter League for Animals or any of the animals that they are helping, go to

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