Updated COVID restrictions on funerals

As of today November 30, 2020, we are following the revised state guidelines for additional restrictions on social gatherings in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Among the many events and activities impacted, funeral services will return to a very limited and restrictive protocol. The guidance has eliminated the use of all funeral homes in the state for any gatherings, wakes, visiting hours, memorial services, or funeral services. While it is heartbreaking to tell each family that will be calling for our help over the next 2 weeks, and possibly longer, it is the right thing to do for each other. We will be ready to assist each family one at a time, with the same care and concern as before, and we will inform you of the options that we can provide, while still respecting the safety guidelines.

This decision does come with some data to back it up, the state tracing program has identified that funeral services as a broadly defined event, are part of the spreading events occurring in our communities. While one funeral may be very different than another, some may be a private viewing, others a large church Mass, a small graveside gathering, or a shared meal after a service, all these occasions to gather as a family and community are grouped into a single defined event “Funeral Service”. Thus the policy for safety restrictions also includes further limitations of capacity at Churches and houses of worship and a limit to 5 family members at an outdoor graveside service.

The team of professionals at Memorial and Connors Funeral Homes have been continuously working on creating additional options for each family to find a way to recognize a death and support each other during these last few months, and these options are more important than ever to give a family the opportunity share their memories, say goodbye to their loved one, and find the support that is needed.

Video recording and livestreaming a ceremony: we have improved our equipment and training to create video recordings of services and livestreams for anyone around the world to listen and watch in real time.

Online photo gallery and slideshow tribute: the opportunity to continue the tradition of going through family pictures and creating a visual story of their loved one’s life, and to share it with family or the world online, can be an important healing event.

Digital Guestbook: our website is a great place to receive condolences from friends or to reach out to someone who is experiencing a loss. These tributes can be full of memories, stories, and photos, or a simple gesture or leaving your name and expression of sympathy.

Online group visitation: the staff can help setup an online event where you can share a group video call like Zoom to gather and see and hear the stories that need to be shared.

Dedicate a special part of your home for your loved one: create a special place that you can spend time at and provides a focus for the images and values that person shared with you. Some call it a memory table, others a home altar, consider setting up a photo, some nice flowers or a plant, place the urn there if you chose cremation, and light a candle when you are spending time at that spot.

There are so many more ideas that we can help with; as unique as each of our fingerprints, our relationships with each other are one of a kind, and deserve to be recognized. We encourage you to support each other through these difficult times, be attentive and safe, and be ready to gather again when the time is right.

Kurt Edenbach

Memorial and Connors Funeral Homes

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