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Healing Garden Coming Soon to Memorial Funeral Home

The current plans for the garden.
A garden with healing in mind

It is well known that nature helps heal. That is why we are constructing a garden on the north side of the Memorial Funeral Home building on Broadway. 

Katie Adams is a registered landscape architect (RLA) and co-owner of KP Design LLC. She has worked in the landscape and floral industry for over two decades and was head gardener for the Newport Restoration Foundation for six years. MFH’s owner, Kurt Edenbach approached Katie about creating a garden on the funeral home grounds.  

A labyrinth will be the main feature of the garden, which Katie says she was really excited about. “I love the idea of labyrinths as walking meditation,” Katie says. “Unlike a maze, you don’t get lost in them; there’s only one way in and one way out.” She continues.  

The 20-foot diameter labyrinth in the lawn will provide a meditative area for families and friends. Low-profile stone borders will mark the lawn paths so that the area can also be used as an open lawn space for larger gatherings or even staff meetings. 

In addition to the labyrinth, there will also be evergreen hedges that will provide privacy from the street. All the vegetation is low maintenance perennials so as to ensure the area always looks good.  There will be a Japanese maple, dogwood, witch-hazel, oak leaf hydrangeas, limelight hydrangeas as well as rhododendrons, says Katie.  

Katie wants to make sure that the vegetation is easily recognizable and hopes that it will bring comfort to anyone in the garden.  

A gently curving path will connect the lawn labyrinth to the display area and the parking lot.  

The garden is scheduled to be completed by this fall. “We hope that this garden offers a place of calm and comfort for anyone who is in need,” says Kurt. 

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