Our Promise To You

Middletown, Rhode Island at sunset.

In 1937, Kurt Edenbach’s grandfather created a mission statement of sorts for Memorial Funeral Home or his “steadfast purpose” as he called it. “To provide the means of paying the finest tribute to the memory of those who have gone on- without hardship to those who must remain and must live.”  

Since then, we have done our best to embody these words all the while adapting and modernizing. The way we gather to say goodbye to someone has changed for many, but why we gather has not: it is something that we need in order to continue on with our lives and heal. 

Since 1931, the Edenbach family has tried to provide families with guidance and support as they navigate the loss of a loved one. Over the years, we have had generations of families come through our doors to plan for the future, or to say goodbye to loved ones.  

Today we have six funeral directors on staff, as well as experts in grief counseling, pre-planning, and celebrants who help plan meaningful gatherings. We have two locations on Aquidneck Island: one at 375 Broadway in Newport and another at 55 West Main Rd in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. 

Our mission now is to support anyone and everyone in our community who seeks our guidance. Our goal is to help you plan ahead so that when the time comes, your loved ones do not have to make those hard decisions for you, as well as help those left behind to create a goodbye that honors to the full extent the memory of the person lost.  

Our commitment to you and your family does not just stop after the funeral. We know that grieving the death of a loved one is a process that cannot be hurried. We are here to support you or your loved ones during this time through counseling, written materials, and classes.

Every single member of our staff considers what they do here at Memorial Funeral Home as a vocation, not just a job. No matter the time of day, someone will always be here to answer your call.

As Co-Owner and Funeral Director at Memorial Funeral Home, Kurt Edenbach says, “A funeral home is much more than just a building, we are a group of professionals with a personal commitment to you.” 

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