What are Celebrants?

When a loved one passes, we want to honor them in the best way possible. A celebrant is someone who will work closely with you to ensure that every detail about your loved one’s goodbye is taken care of. A main part of our celebrant program is to create a celebration around the life of the person, making sure to capture their essence and highlight how they enriched the lives of those around them.

Our celebrant program is headed up by Rev. Dr. Lark d’Helen. She has been guiding the grief support and outreach programs of Memorial Funeral Homes for the last 7 years.

Our celebrants offer three basic celebrations of life, however, each one can be modified to fit the person being celebrated. Your loved one was special and his/her celebration of life must be just as special.


Several members of our team are qualified to lead religious ceremonies to honor your loved one. Our goal is to personalize the ceremony to ensure that the service fits your loved one’s religious beliefs, but also speaks to their personal history as well.


Some people are spiritual, but not necessarily religious. A lot of our celebrants hold these same beliefs. We can ensure that we honor the spiritual side of your loved one, while staying away from more traditional religious elements of a service.


We recognize that many people within our community are not religious at all, yet still want to honor the memory of the person who is no longer here. Our celebrants can create beautiful ceremonies that focus on the person’s life, how they lived and what the meant to those around them.

Things to Consider

The celebrant you choose will work closely with one of our funeral directors here at Memorial Funeral Homes to ensure that everything is taken care of. Together, the celebrant and funeral director will ask you questions like:

Do you want a small gathering or a large one?

Where would you like to have the gathering?

It doesn’t have to be at a funeral home or a marked grave; it could be at your loved one’s favorite place to sit and think or where they used to watch the sunset.

The Details

Celebrants will go over all the details involved in the ceremony. No detail is too small.

Do you want a eulogist? Will there be someone (or several people) doing a reading during the ceremony?

Do you want live music?

Do you want to serve food?

The celebrant working with you will ensure that all these elements are taken care of, so that you can concentrate on your healing and family.

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