Virtual Grief Counseling: Can it Help?

The decision to seek out a therapist is hard enough, never mind adding to that a global pandemic that makes it unsafe to meet people in person. Due to COVID-19, many therapists will only see patients via virtual platforms, which isn’t always the ideal set up for individuals who feel more comfortable, or feel that they are receiving better treatment, in an in-person session.

Virtual Counseling is here to stay, so why not use it?

However, it doesn’t seem like virtual therapy and other telehealth options are going away any time soon, especially as numbers of COVID-19 cases and variants continue to rise.

There are many benefits to telehealth that cannot be discredited. As technology continues to improve, there are more and more ways to interact with therapists and social workers. This makes it easier and cheaper to access these services.

Easier Access to Mental Health Resources

The most obvious advantage of telehealth is easier access. Not everyone lives in an area where there are therapists, much less a selection of professionals that specialize in grief counseling. Choosing the type of therapy and the individual that offers this service is a highly personal choice. Having options is important. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all thing. With telehealth, you can see therapists that are not only nearby, but all over the world. Also, if you are physically incapable or have mobility issues, virtual counseling frees you from these restrictions.

Better Assessment

Interacting with a therapist or social worker via a video call allows the therapist to see you in your natural environment: your home. This should make you feel more comfortable and allow you to express yourself more freely both verbally and through body language. This gives the professional more reliable information about how you are feeling.

There are some cons here too: if you live with other people, it can be difficult to find a private area where you do feel comfortable expressing yourself. Your home may not be the place you feel most comfortable. If this is the case, try and find a space where you can do this safely outside your home. Driving to your favorite beach and calling in to your therapist from your parked car is one example of a safe setting.

More Cost-Effective and Time-Effective

Generally speaking, virtual therapy sessions are cheaper than in-person sessions. And with more and more people seeking virtual help, most insurance companies, medicare and medicaid cover (at least to some degree) this type of therapy. It also means that you save money on travel expenses and time as you do not have to commute.

At the end of the day you should choose whatever type of therapy works for you. For the technologically challenged, the idea of virtual therapy sessions may seem daunting, but it can really be as easy as a click of a button to access a professional who can help you in your grief journey.

At Memorial Funeral Home, we are always willing to offer you suggestions of professionals who offer this type of counseling. These are people and services that we know are highly recommended and trustworthy.

Please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff if you have any questions regarding virtual therapy and counseling.

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